Siege Mentality

A friend when driving must look at people around. He believes there must be someone he knows. He feels people will eventually know him because he is a local person. He scares if people whom he knows meet him and he didn’t greet him appropriately he will be labelled as an arrogant man. He always want to be seen as wise, polite and straight-forward guy.

I know to some it means politeness but to me it means siege mentality. This person has been surrounded by the need to please everyone that back him into a corner. He sees no way out. He may had at one time unlocked the door and exposed himself into new opportunity in another state but when he came home, getting into the old circle of friends, culture and surrounding, he got himself locked up again.

Wikipedia defines siege mentality as a shared feeling of victimization and defensiveness. It comes about as result of a believe that his is under constant attacked, oppressed and isolated. So he becomes frightened of people around him.

Siege mentality can occur to a group of people that make up a society. The prominent features are believe: (i) that they are surrounded by hostile neighbors commonly of different ideology (ii) that they are in conflict with another group of people (iii) that the world is hostile toward them (iv) or lack of trust to another people or society (v) that there always be a need to overtake other people as a mean for their survival and existence.

As A result they become very defensive – prepare hide outs, in case there will be a war, keeping vital resources in safe place in case they are being attacked, less sensitive to another people and will only feel secure when they win the race.

Let’s hope we are not one of them. Bye…

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