Sharing Some Thoughts on The Pleasure Principle

Why people prefer movies with happy ending rather than sad endings? Why people prefer watching Akademi Fantasia rather than Bersama mu? Why students prefer tutorials rather than exams?

The answer lies on the pleasure principle. It implies that everything people do can be explained by the mathematic of pleasure and pain. Some scholars advocate the word hedonists to the proponent of the pleasure principle. Remember, when you are depress, you develop anhedonia? – the feeling of pleasurelessness or lack of pleasure.

I think, it is not fair to label those who like music just to relieve stress or those who occasionally attending rock concert as hedonists. The over-generalization by itself is a bias.

The issue is, if everybody like pleasure and dislike pain, why the workoholics (like me..he..) spend little time relaxing or having fun clubbing?

The answer based on pleasure principle is they enjoy their work; Perhaps, they enjoy writing, blogging, seeing patients, teaching bla..bla..bla. They feel something amiss when away from it.

Is it good? Oh, Yes it is good when people appreciate it. It is not, when you force yourself and suffer the burden alone.


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