First Anniversary

I am celebrating the first anniversary of The Writing On The Wall. On the May, 25th, last year I started my journey to the world of blogging. From then on, I never turned back. It was an interesting journey that I learnt so much about the world and more importantly, myself.

Technically, I have learnt on the complexity of WordPress and Blogspot (the two most important machines in producing blogs) and to my mind, these machines have contributed significantly to the writing revolution at the end of the last century.

Whether it is true or not, having my own blog empower me to express myself through a proper channel of self-censorship communication and project my view to the world. I expect this blog has built some profile of it’s own that showcasing the organization that I represent.

It didn’t take too much time indeed, to write. By spending 10 minutes each day, it is my wish to all my students to pick up writing as a habit and it is my wish too to showcasing them the ‘leadership by example’ through writing.

Finally, good luck to The Writing On The Wall.

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