Social Contract

Social contract basically is an agreement among the members of an organized society. At individual level, this contract govern how we behave, act in social situations such as in office etc. Since it is called contract, it creates obligation for everyone in the office or household to follow.

If you have strong character for social contract, you are best suited for job in the government. If not, you got to work on your own.

Can you imagine that kind of works that require less social contract? I imagine those like watchman working alone at night, librarian working alone arranging books in the middle of the library or (may or may not be true) people working from home. Private sector too requires people with strong commitment to social contract.

How does social contact creates impact on job performance? Well, people who value social contract are rule abiding people. They follow orders, rules and regulations. They respect their bosses, fellow colleagues or subordinates. They are friendly and sociable. Of course they are the one that likely to be promoted based on their performance (SKT).

What about the political definition of social contract. Haa, I will do it another time…Till then, cheers!

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