Time to Ask, Reflect and Think..

I am still remember those days when I was doing Obs and Gynecology as a fresh Medical Officer I used to tell one of my patient who had prolonged labor: We are going to give you an en enema and to my mind, the next minutes she delivered normally.

I still don’t know the reason and I don’t like the idea of messing my patients with dirt and contamination during labor. But at least in some cases, it helps to cut short our operation list. I don’t know whether the procedure is still on now. But when I give my thought now, I feel like to some extent, the indignity of losing control of her bowels, reduces the strength to resist the even more awesome intervention that follow and put the gynecologist totally in charge of her during labor.

Ahhh…I still don’t like this paternalistic idea.

Another practice that I remember doing is episiotomy. I master episiotomy even when I was a medical student. We were reminded that without episiotomy the perinium tear would be difficult to repair. I still hold this idea.

Only when I read one contradictory idea that episiotomy incision would cut through muscles and nerves that may cause pain and numbness that could persist for years and to some people might lead to marital dysharmony and even divorce then I realize in every protocol I do, I need to be critical and to think otherwise. That, make me more careful and do not hurt my patients.

My point is simple. As you grow, you keep looking back and reflect your practice and ask question on your practice. Your justification might be true or might not be true but the process of reflecting indicates maturity.

When you are young, you don’t have time to ask and challenge the authority. As you grow and gain some experiences, it’s the time to ask, reflect and think….

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