The World is Flat

I like this book because it widen my understanding on  contemporary rivalry between companies which lead the world toward equality and flattened the playground after all. The Malay translation by Institut Terjemahan Negara (ITN) is timely as many readers could read and understand the current history of IT explosion that change the way we interact and behave.

The author is an award-winning New York Times journalist, Thomas Friedman who had traveled to almost every corner of the world in search of evidence on flattening world in the 21st century. He demystifies the traditional belief that the world is divided into various nations with different set of rules and proposed that rules have been made equal and as a result the world is seen literally flat. He based his argument on the successful outsource program by the US & Japanese companies in many sectors from medical transcription to telemarketing. However, his analysis on political roots of global Islamism has to be seen from Western rather than global perspective.

The translated Malay version is recommended as the quality of translation is good and I have to congratulate Mohd Daud Mat Din from ITN for his tireless effort to get this project completed. Finally, this book has opened up my understanding on the contemporary affair of the globalize world that we are living in right now.

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