Till Death Do Us Part

I wonder how couple could stay together till they reach 80s. What is their secret?

As one elderly relative says, I married him for better or worst. From a cute young lady, she grew broader and larger, and her marriage even grow stronger and stronger. May be the kid, force them together,  I contemplated.

But then I argued to myself, that marriages that were organized around child rearing is peadiatric marriages. With the kids gone, aging husbands and wives have more time to argue their differences or as many couples complaint, they have little or nothing to say. That was exactly what Bang Li, my spiritual advisor used to tell me: “we are just friend, doctor, he..he”. I fully understood what he meant.

But child rearing  goes right through the  end of  the life of the elder parents. In our culture, as men retire, he spent most of his time in the mosque and to some extent start sharing some household task. That soften his personality. On the other hand , perhaps women make more decision for the two of them and become more dominant in the relationship. That is the nightmare…..ha..ha..and I don’t want to retire..he..he..

The cliche is I still believe in till death do us part.