Learning Disabilities

Seminar on Learning Difficulties (LD) in Primary Care, organized by USM Family Medicine Association (FAMOUS) held on the March, 20; under auspices of Dr Azidah Abdul Kadir was a good platform to review commitment by multidisciplinary agencies involved in the management of children with LD.

The doctors were reminded (i) to differentiate LD from Mental Retardation (MR), (ii) to remember in clinical practice, poly-diagnoses and co-morbidities are common (iii) to assess patients in a holistic manner which involve OT & psychological assessment (using various scales and assessment tools), (iv) to do proper placement for these pupils; in order not to jeopardize their future education.

Cases were discussed and the dispute regarding new Orang Kelainan Upaya form were thrashed out despite the fact that many believed the form needs further improvisation for the sake of clarity and simplicity. I congratulate FAMOUS for the hard work.

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