A Man Will Forever Be A Man

My wife and I were talking to our son on the need to organize. Indeed, that was the gist of my talk to Master students last week. I had to present him a diary in order to familiarize him to self-organization and multi-tasking. But then why my daughter is quite different? That questions popped up suddenly in my head. Perhaps one size does not fit all. Individuals differ.

Genetic diversity? Well, they are from the same parents. Culture and experience? More or less the same. But my daughter went to a religious school. May be, somehow, religious school shapes the student differently. I guess, I have no complaint about character building since religious schools are doing a very good job. Minor complaint lies with relatively less sociability and poor communication skill in a small number of students.

I have complimented my son on some good characters that he has and he has been reminded that our comments are made for improvement, not just a dire criticism to kill his creativity and initiative. After all, raising children is a duty to be accomplished during our life time as a parent.

The question that I have next in mind is what is he going to do with the diary, since he never write any notes in any diary. They are all in his head.

After all he is a man and will forever be a man.


  1. yes, the problem u said abt children having less social life and poor communication skills in religious schools is true.but then, for girls I would prefer they have less of that than to expose them to all the ills the world has to offer.having both gender to mingle freely in co-eds schools in the cities is enough problems for us parents and teachers to handle. we should bring back the all-girls and all-boys school like in the 60s and only let them mix when they are mature enough when they are in form six.

    1. I beg to differ with regard to all-boys/all-girls school. I prefer they mingle freely in coed school from the early years and at the same time learn how to respect each other based on gender equality etc. The problem we face now is basically with the adverse effect of rapid urbanization and western influence on our life styles.

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