What I Like About This Place

The subject that I appreciate most working in this place is the fact that this place is occupied with relatively young people who have full dynamism and idealism. Working with relatively young associates energize the whole organization, unite staff under some kind of comradeship without much power struggle, excessive politicizing, over-controlling and authoritarianism.

We might often be doing mistakes as a result of being relatively new and inexperience but the fact that we are quick to learn from mistakes and improve our learning curve is the process that ameliorate our survival curve. As a result, we accelerate the process of being excellence via persuasion and negotiated improvement of key performance indicators and key intangible performances. Human beings in general, appreciate the process of engaging rather than commanding. Testing another colleagues for their endurance and commitment for hard work proved futile if no sense of objectivity is laid down on the objectives and purpose of the commitment.

Quality leadership at various levels are always open and engaging, creating the atmosphere of trust, respect and creating the desire of working in harmony. Team building flourishes in the given environment and favors inter- and intra-disciplinary work on innovation and creativity.

There is a regular need for self-introspection and I believe, I have done my part not just to critic (when I feel I need to critic) but to praise on achievement when we deserve it.

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