The Writing On The Wall

The Writing On The Wall literally means in the English literature as a portent of doom or misfortune. I realized the meaning from the day one of creating this blog. It originates in the Biblical book of Daniel—where supernatural writing foretells the demise of the Babylonian Empire. But since I don’t believe in the Bible, it means nothing to me. To my mind, the wall is the computer screen. It’s just literally means writing on the computer screen.

Writing on the computer screen and the demise of Babylonian Empire are two different things? Where can you get supernatural writing nowadays? You only can get Phantom writers. Those writers write without disclosing their names. Because their intention is to spread lies and to inform people intimate personal matters which are supposed to be kept secret and confidential. Some writers are being paid just to create chaos in the society. Some work to spread propaganda of their political parties. I write for the purpose of sharpening my mind and connecting to people and surrounding. By writing, I am making sense of what is happening around me. I become more alert of the environment.

Back to the topic of the day, one find day, I visited Popular bookshop and find a book on the same title. I thought people might think I have borrowed the name from this book. But to be honest, I didn’t and was not interested to buy the book which ‘borrowed’ the name of my blog. he..

Thanks to your support. This blog has a tremendous rise of supporters each month. I know you all are my friends because this is not an entertainment blog where people look for sensational news about their favorite artists so those who visit must be someone who knows me. Thanks again and have a nice day.

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