Many of us are following Tiger Wood”s scandal. I don’t because I know that’s how business is conducted in the US. When someone earns a lot of money, then the 4th estate will say, hey, that’s enough. You should earn no more. Then, character assassination starts in order to tarnish the reputation through series of article publish in the media.

I suspect that his ‘enemies’ know from the very beginning about his sexual endeavor but they are hiding the fact from public. For reasons well-known to them, Wood was portrayed as an angel before the scandal was made public.

He was lucky not being charged of rape like what happened to Mike Tyson who had been convicted on two counts of criminal sexual conduct for raping Miss Black Rhode Island, Desiree Washington in 1992. The crime took place years before, when Tyson met Washington at a beauty pageant in Indianapolis.

Remember, there’s a thin line between having voluntary sex and involuntary rape in some cases!

Tyson served three years of a six-year prison sentence. Iin 1995, he settled a civil suit filed by Washington and subsequently, became a bankrupt man.

On the other hand, Tiger Wood’s girlfriends become instant millionaires by selling their stories, sleeping with him. Wood announced he will take a break from professional golf and he had lost substantial amount of contract with advertising agencies and I anticipate he will go bankrupt sooner or later.

Well, the story of his downfall is well-written!