Definition of Success

1. I overheard two good friends talking. The first man was telling his friend, “You have many good potentials to succeed but you seem to put things to a stop”. His friend was puzzled, ceased talking for a moment, took a deep breath and replied, “Success means differently to different people”.

2. Then I realized, to most people success means having millions in the bank, drive the best car in town, live in bungalows in Bukit Tunku or publish their works in the Lancet.

3. To others, success refers to when they appreciate their life to the most and never waste every single little thing out of it. To them, it is about having a happy family, a good wife, fantastic kids and enjoy every second being with them are what they meant to be successful.

4. Seeing kids grow in front of their eyes is a fantastic moment for most parents. Being able to guide them through the most wonderful year of their life is a dream not to be missed.

5. That explains why some mothers are willing to give up their jobs, simply for a reason; to bring up their kids. To them, success in life is when they see their lovely children grow-up to become successful adults and charming husbands or wives with the ability to reproduce the next generation, provide them with good education and therefore prolonging the legacy of the family.

6. I believe that if those are the definition, the friend wouldn’t feel depressed and at least he can lead a fulfilling life right after the meeting.