Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

1. The differences between men and women are universal. Women complain that “he doesn’t understand”. “he doesn’t listen”. And men complain that “all she wants is attention.”

2. Women like affection from men. They like to be seen romantic.

3. Men like logic and they are objective. Women are emotional.

4. Men tend to do one thing at a time. Women do many things at a time.

5. Men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Women also have caves but the sign on their caves is “Please give me some attentions”.

6. 90% of women go into therapy because they want to be listened to and to be asked questions. They want to feel special. Men hate to be questioned and to be interrogated.

7. When a woman touches a man she may want to be attended to. But for a man anywhere he is touched he thinks that it has to lead to sex.

8. Men want to forget the problems of the day. Women want to remember. A man will say “Forget it, it’s no big deal.” For a woman she will not rest till the problem is talked about. Her response to the man, who wants to just forget about it and not make a big deal out of it, will be “How can you be so insensitive.”

9. Men should never tell a woman how she should feel. In fact if she is unhappy, the man needs to be unhappy with her for a while instead of offering advice.

10. Women make noises to get attention. Men make noises to signal “Please leave me alone.”

11. Men are efficiency oriented. Men want to do it the easiest and fastest way. Women on the other hand feel that taking the shortest path is boring. Women like variation. Men look good in a tuxedo or a suit. Women like to change their dress; many times in a day.

12. Men use their brain sequentially i.e. one part at a time. Whereas women are using the whole brain at once.

13. Women lower stress through talking and sharing. The collectiveness and togetherness which they share is part of their feminity. Men lower their stress by being alone. Women’s attitude is that if we can’t do anything about it then let’s talk about it and suffer together. Men’s focus is on solving the problem. And if they can’t solve the problem then they make the problem disappear by forgetting about it.

14. As women more and more enter into the workplace their need to being listened to and understood is not being met. The workplace is efficiency oriented. They are becoming more and more isolated, unseen and unheard. And this is causing them to go more and more into depression.

15. Women give more. Men want to get more.

16. Women want flowers to be purchased by men again and again. Men on the other hand feel that if they have done it once there is no necessity to do it again and again.

17. Sometimes the woman feels that she does everything according to what the man wants. They want to be appreciated on what they do.

18. When men delegate work to women, women want to be asked because silence is taken to mean ‘non-involvement’.

19. Men prefer women managers while they learn the job. Then, after learning the job they prefer male managers.

20. Men sprint faster. Women go for the long distance.

21. Women want sensitive men but when men become too sensitive, women don’t like it. They want men to be considerate but not too sensitive just like them.

Modified from article written by a fellow blogger, Vishwalok Nath. Sorry Nash, just pasted those points which I only agree with. Thanks.

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  1. Wow, you do have women pegged. I wish more of us were NOT like that. 🙂 Sometimes women just don’t get it. I know, I am one. I fortunately do get it and because of that, I have a MUCH more meaningful friendship. It’s helpful to understand men and it’s to bad more women don’t. We are inherently selfish helpers. Men are problem solvers, not talkers. 🙂 They don’t want to hear you out just to listen to you talk. That’s what your girlfriends are for. If you tell a man of your problems, he only will want to solve it. Nice blog.

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