Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden

Who says silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer? I don’t know where on earth this proverb starts. Parents can’t be silenced when their children are mischievous and start to kill each other. Teachers can’t be silenced when students don’t know the answer. Leaders can’t be silenced when followers start to accuse and destroy the party and cause the country separates into parts.

Start talking. Because when you talk, you contribute. Language shouldn’t be a barrier. Grammar, who care? If I were to care with everything, I shouldn’t have written anything on this blog. My ideas are more important than everything else. My feeling of liberation is more important than what you would think of me. I am a free person when I write. I want to talk. I want to express myself.

When the society put so much respect to silence is golden then the society would have problems. No idea is generated. People are just contented with simple achievement. We are mediocre on everything we do.

Last but not least, I will fail my students of they are the proponent of speech is silver and silence is golden.