20 Reasons Why Meeting Fail

Meeting..we all attend meeting very often. But some meetings are effective, some don’t, why. Let’s check the reasons.

1. When the chairman talks too much.

2. When no agenda drafted and no minutes are taken.

3. When the member wants to talk and he/she does not ask the chairman’s permission.

4. When members become emotional and start attacking another members.

5. When one member shifts the topic even before the group complete full deliberation on the issue of concerned.

6. When members start to walk-out.

7. When the chairman fails to control the crowd.

8. When the meeting is held under the tree.

9. When members don’t know how to argue the points using proper language (spoken in a meeting).

10. When individual ego is more than collective ego.

11.When no one is taking notes.

12. When members are busy eating.

13. When someone is smoking.

14. When musics are played.

15. When spectators are watching.

16. When meetings are taped or under camera surveillance.

17. When meetings are telecast live.

18. When the chairman is underage and the members are poor adults.

19. When no one respects the chairman.

20. When everyone is scared of the chairman.