Collective Ego

One of the obstacles encountered in any form of teamwork is ego. Let us take example of husband and wife, if both persons seek personal fulfillment at the expense of the family, they end up competing with each other. Competition in a relationship will eventually lead to failure because relationships are about teamwork.

Forming a successful study group is another example of how the dynamic of successful teamwork operates. In both examples, the collective ego must be greater than individual ego.  All interests have to be subdued, to achieve the goal and purpose of a team. Individual achievement is nothing if it doesn’t help the team achieve its goals. If the team loses, everyone loses.

Most teams (read: family, study group, company, organization etc) fail not because they lack talent but because they lack the character necessary to subjugate personal ambition to a common purpose. In football, no matter how well an individual performs, if the team loses, everyone loses. One can hire David Beckham, but if he was playing with Pacific Samoa team taking part in EPL competition, what result could one expect?

Teams are most successful when the collective ego is greater than individual ego. Each team member must remember this. Till then, cheoww..