Mental Health Skills Module

Module for Parents, Adults, Children and Adolescents
Module for Parents, Adults, Children and Adolescents

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a module presented to me by Dr Nurashikin Ibrahim from the Ministry of Health Malaysia on Managing Mental and Psychological Health Problems in Children, Adolescents, Parents, Adults and Geriatric populations.  This module consists of 4 booklets and each booklet was nicely narrated with excellent graphic and layout. I was one of contributor for Parenting Skill Module which include topic like Positive Thinking, Interpersonal Communication, Problem Solving, Anger Management and last but not least Parenting Skills.

The objective of this module is to help facilitator in conducting talk and seminar. At the same time, it can be used by individuals in acquiring knowledge and skill in managing day-to-day psychological health problems. It is written in a simple, easy to understand Bahasa Malayu language. I am not sure if you could get it free from  Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.  However, you can try contacting the local State NCD  Officer or State Health Education Officer.

The organizer headed by Dato’ Hassan Abdul Rahman and colleagues in the Ministry of Health like Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar, Dr Zainuddin Mohd Ali and Dr Nurashikin Ibrahim and their staffs has to be congratulated for their good work. Not to forget, all contributors from all over he country have to be congratulated too for making this endeavor possible.