Is Fight Against Global Warming Lost?

In one of my article published in Memperkasa Paradigma dated back on Oct, the 2nd, 2009, I did mentioned about the consequences of global warming and the importance of proper implementation of the recommendations agreed upon in the Kyoto Protocol.  

On the other hand, I am also aware of the contradictory idea which believe that we have lost the fight against global warming.

This idea states that it is hopeless to make drastic cut in global greenhouse emission as the hydrocarbons are still cheap comparatively. Therefore, people will continually burning carbon until its start running out. Secondly, wealthy countries which depend very much on cheap energy till these days refused to comply with full political force to implement what have been agreed upon. Thirdly, using nuclear energy seems to require massive investment, facing risk of similar Chernobyl tragedy and misunderstood for trying to acquire weapon of mass destruction such as in the case of Iran.

I still believe that the massive loss of human life due to Ketsana typhoon, tropical cyclone, instant flood and massive landslide could be prevented if people are living in synergy with environment. Trying to impose ‘technology’ against nature such as building flats on slope could basically lead to disaster. Technology should be used for the benefit of nature such as reducing CFCs (as I mentioned earlier in my writing). People should start looking for new alternatives. No time left to dispute, blame and denial. It is about action with full political will. Otherwise, government like Aryoyo will be in jeopardy and her associates in the developed world would have to continually pump in money in the name of disaster aid and economic recovery.