Am I Paranoid?

I am sceptical about the idea of paranoia. Though, previously I had written an article on the origin of paranoia. Suddenly, I realize now that I have some kind of paranoia too. It started when my car’s side window was slashed by unknown forces causing the window to break. I woke up one fine morning and found out it’s broken.

The second event is when I returned home from Hari Raya leave and found some foul smelling creatures from the back of my house. My wife and I investigated and found some remains of dead cows were purposely left just next to our house.

Could these two events are just coincidental? On the other hand, may be somebody out there are not too happy with me and my family? Alternatively, could it be that just before Raya some thefts slaughtered stolen cows just near the bush next to my kitchen..

Let me work them out…You never know!


It turns out that the fireworks played by some of the naughty kids, a few nights before Hari Raya had smashed the side window mirror of my car. It costs me some 200 Ringgit just to replace for a ‘Made In Malaysia’ side window mirror. The old Korean made plus V-cool cover had easily cost me 700 Ringgit. In toto, I lost some 900 Ringgit just because of a damn stupid fireworks play. But, who should be responsible, are children or their parents that should be to blame?

I tried to confront the old pak cik (gentleman) who used to rear cows just behind my house. Once seeing me, the pak cik mount his bike and quickly ride away. Was that be the sign of guilty feeling? I have no answer..Sometime, you will never get the answer for everything in life. So leave it to God.

Am I still paranoid? No. It’s all relieved once I hit the button Publish. Yooo..enjoy your life while you are still breathing.


P/S: the remains have been cleared by the pak cik. Hee..