Where World Leaders Spend their Holidays?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
His spot: Siberia
This photo show the shirtless prime minister riding a horse, swimming an impressive butterfly stroke, and breaking firewood over his knee. With his daring outdoor activities, the 56-year-old Putin hopes to portray himself as a symbol of strength and stability.

US President Barack Obama
His spot: Martha’s Vineyard
The Martha’s Vineyard farmhouse that the Obamas are renting for the end of August has private beach access, not to mention an apple orchard and flower gardens. The president can get plenty of exercise during his trip, since the 28-acre farm comes with a basketball court, a practice golf tee, and a swimming pool.

Turkey President Abdullah Gül
His spot: Central Anatolia, the Mediterranean
While Obama geared up for Martha’s Vineyard, the Turkish president spent quality time last month with his parents at their vineyard in the central Anatolian town of Kayseri. During the four days he was there, the president relaxed with relatives and old friends. He also spent some time in the garden, picking apricots for his mother’s marmalade and climbing a wall, under the watchful eyes of his bodyguards, to reach an almond tree. Accompanied by his wife, he hiked up a local mountain and rode a horse.
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