Jokes About Doctor


Believe He Is a Satan

A visiting specialist was taken to the cubicle of a mental case who thought he was a King.
“I know I am a king” the man explained. “Satan told me so”.
At which a furious voice sounded from the next cubicle:
” I told you nothing of the kind”.



Doctor: “Young man – I’m afraid your complaint is hereditary”.
Young man: “Kindly send in the bill to my father”.


Kill Me

“I am worried! The doctor says that if I give my husband anything but water I will kill him-”
“But why the worry?”
“Because if I give him water he’ll kill me”.


Serious Case

A young surgeon received late one evening a SMS from three of his fellow practitioners: “Please come over to the club and join us at a game”.
Turning briskly to his wife he said: “Honey dear, here I am called away again! It seems to be a serious case-there are three doctors on the spot already”.