‘I am Feeling Like Dying’

girl depressHow could a thirteen year old girl feels like dying. Thirteen is the age of growth, full of energy, steady development. Some don’t even have period yet. Some are still watching Shin Chan and Doraemon. Some may just start to stare at boy’s chest or bicep.

Thinking about a young girl becoming miserable and suicidal to many, is an allegation ‘hard to believe’. But psychiatrists do see this phenomenon of adolescents’ suicide.

It is often accompanied but irrational thought of hearing people calling their name, whispering telling them they are useless and worth dying. The other side of the mind would then tell them, who the hell you are to tell me to kill myself as I am still young and hence I am still want to live, The clash between two contradictory thoughts gives rise to ambivalence behavior.

Serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter imbalance used to be blamed but SSRI’s drugs do precipitate suicidal thought. Family history predisposed many affected kids to depression. Since adolescence is a time of vibrant growth, many of them have problems to take medication. They don’t want to be seen different from their peers. As a result, they take longer time to settle, have relapse and recurrence as well as failure to go back to school and achieve good grade in exam.

Early referral would help. Support is very important in the beginning. Medication, ECT is the teratment of choice.