Carefree Timelessness

sunsetHave you ever wake up one morning and ask you partner, ‘Hey, what would you like to do today?”. ‘Let spend time together along the beautiful beach?”. And without much planning, there, off you go. Then, when you go there, without much planning, you stop whenever you like, eat whenever you meet the stall and sleep whenever you find a hotel.

You don’t bring along any agenda who to meet and where to shop. You left your computer, PDA and sophisticated phone at home. You stopped trying to please each other along the way to the beach. You stop quarreling on your preferable accommodation. You just concentrate on your partner and your relationship as spending time together is to strengthen your relationship.

Try to get out of cliche in the relationship. Do you know what is cliche in the relationship?

Wake up full of written agenda in your PDA, send your kids to school, take your partner to and from her office, bring her to her favorite restaurant bla..bla..bla..

Once a while try to develop carefree timelessness. It is one thing that help you move beyond the tyranny of the cliche. It is a time together without an agenda!

Definitely, it will bring you to another level of intimacy.

You can help others to fend their life by telling this.