What Do You Know Other Than Plasma TV?

plasma tvPlasma is a gas in which atoms have been ionized. As a result, they have magnetic and electric fields that move around in disorderly fashion and in unpredictable manner and thus, altering their environment. As the environment changes, so does the plasma, resulted in a continuous change of action and reaction.

Plasma is usually hot but it can also be cold. Plasma TV for example contains a weakly ionized cold plasma which been eliminated by the cathode-ray-tube to it.

Plasma also could be the key to new energy sources. Just imagine, the core of the sun is a plasma, it ia so hot reaches 15 million degrees C and thus as everyone knows, releasing huge amount of energy. The rocket in the future may be powered by thin beam of highly accelerated plasma.

So check out, in years to come people may be talking about plasma computer, plasma pen or pencil and plasma nuclear reactor..