Scientist’s Tale of Adam and Hawa

africa buffaloDo you wonder why scientist thinks all human being originates from Africa? And we, believers believe that the first couple created by God as our forefather is Adam and Hawa.

The story starts with the clue of scattered bones and artifacts our ancestors left behind centuries ago. The human genetic codes or genomes is 99.9% identical throughout the world. On and off mutation occurs and then passed on to our descendants. Generations later, finding that the same mutation in two people’s DNA indicates that they share the same ancestor. By comparing the genes in many different populations, scientists can trace their ancestral connections.

What happen in most genome, the changes occur are obscured by the genetic reshuffling that takes place each time a mother and father’s DNA combine to make a child. Luckily, a couple of regions preserve the telltale variation. It is called mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

This mtDNA will be passed down intact from mother to child. By comparing the mtDNA and Y chromosomes of people from various population, geneticists can get rough idea of where and when those group parted all round the planet. Using this way, scientists calculated that all living humans are related to a single woman who lives years and years ago in Africa.

Mitochondriual Eve, let me called her Hawa was soon joined by Y chromosome, let me called him Adam. And scientists too believe that they are our forefather. What a coincidence?