Computer That Spy On Us

zspyCan computer spy on us?

The answer is yes, it can.

Let say you download onto your laptop a program on online shopping. Of course the good thing is it help you to shop online. When you surf e-commerce websites, a pop-up comes out and recommend you new products. It even gives you comparative shopping advice about where you may be able to get a specific items cheaper.

Unfortunately, the bad side of it, is the program also monitor what users were doing online and discreetly reported back to the company. The company knows your home address and the items your purchase. They keep tracks on the site you visit and the software you download. They know what kind of books you read and what kind of movies you watch.

Don’t you think that was spying on your privacy?

I am not paranoid but I think computer is getting too much information on their users.

What say you?

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