Wrong Conclusion, Professor

zprofA professor dedicated his whole life to research on arachnids and their behaviour. Eventually, after many years of patient study, he was ready to announce his finding to the world.

A special meeting of the world’s top experts on arachnids was arranged, and the meeting was thrown open to the press as well – for the professor felt his findings were so amazing that the whole word should be informed.

When the audience were all seated, the professor strode into the room, ready to reveal the results of his research.

The professor placed a spider to walk three paces forwards. To the astonishment of the audience, the spider did as it was ordered.

“Now take three paces backwards”, commended the professor. Again, the spider obeyed the command.

Then, the professor pulled all the legs off the spider, put it back on the table and said; “Walk three forward paces.” The spider did not move. “Walk forward three paces” commanded the professor, again. But still the spider did not move.

“You see,” said the professor, proudly, “that proves that when you pull its legs off, it cant hear”.

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