Lessons From Earthquake

tsunami02After tsunami that claimed more than 200,000 lives, scientists offered explanation on the rationale of having earthquake. Scientists believe that the quake changed the earth’s rotation and caused the planet to tremble on its axis.

The analogy is like when you drive, you had pushed in a clutch and changed gears.

Scientists showed that when earthquake happen, a certain amount of mass move toward the centre of the earth. When more mass close to the centre, the planet would rotate faster. Just imagine a spinning ice skater who pulls in her arms starts to spin so fast as she becomes a blur figure.

What are the lessons?

The lessons to learn are, first, though earthquake cause destruction, it is a system that make life possible. Movement of the earth plate is essential to the recycling of carbon and the earth is the only planet in the solar system that known to support life, at the same time, the only object with tectonic activity. Take for example Mars. It has no earthquake. The weather is very cold. It has no air and hence, no life.

Second, the human existence in this biosphere may require the planet to be dynamic and sometime violent. It is similar to human life. Human life has to be dynamic. In doing so, sometimes we experience turmoil and at another times we lead a peaceful life.

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