Nuclear Weapon and World Order

Atomic bomb domeIn 1945, American scientist Robert Oppenheimer while addressing scientists who were involved in building the atomic bomb that exploded in Hirosima and Nagasaki on 8/8/45 and 9/8/45 had informed them that building nuclear bombs were easy, cheap and considerably within reach of many countries provided that they know the technology.

Another scientist Niels Bohr however, warned him that the technology will have a devastating effect on the mindkind if every country were to possess one. They had agreed that one day, countries have to come together to limit the spread of nuclear weapon.

Many years later, Nuclear Nonproliferatoin Treaty was signed by 183 countries including 5 major superpowers and they have agreed toward disarmament of nuclear weapon and ban on nuclear testing.The only intractable government, unfortunately is still the North Korea, and for some reasons Western countries are highly suspicious of Iran.

I visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park many years ago and deeply anguish by the devastating effect caused by nuclear bombs to human life. I pasted few pictures on the wall of my department to commemorate my visit. The thought that come to many visitors was sonething has to be done with the double-edge sword left by personalities like Robert Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr, Abdul Qadeer Khan, Abdus Salam and Homi Jehangir Bhabha since their contribution have created world conflicts and disorders.

For sure, the world has to destroy them. People would then expect peace and order living in this world free from nuclear threat.

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