Who Needs Doctors?

dr4There was a small advertisement in NST regarding a new college called Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing offering Diploma in Allied Health and Nursing. I bet in years to come this college would offer degree in Medicine and Dentistry.

I remember talking to a friend who is a successful entrepreneur. He was so confident that he would be able to set up a medical school in the place where I am staying now. Since ‘your place has good talents, many lecturers who are, at any time, willing to do part-time teaching’ he said. All he needs to do is to provide some personal incentives such as special seats for children of these lecturers to do medical degree and he is confident many would teach in return for their children subsidized fee.

Well, he might be right.

The problem in years to come is, this country is going to have surpass of doctors. Where are they going to work and who needs doctors?

There must be a body planning on marketing of doctors. As their service is vital to nation and mankind, there must be places on earth for them to work in peace, not to compete with one another.

Someone should think and plan. Otherwise we would fall into trap when doctor sells newspaper or doctor treats patient from house-to-house. At that time, curriculum in medical schools will be planned according to the marketing plan….

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