Public Holiday On The D-Day

Today, twelve thousand rakyat (masses) will decide on Manik Urai constitutional seat who will represent them in the State House or Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Yesterday, the government servants have been informed with a good news. It’s a state public holiday on the poll day.

It seems that everyone is so generous and trying to flirt with the rakyat. The battle between the two parties to some extent had benefitted the majority rakyat. It has come to the extend that we get things which we don’t ask for.

My daughter came back from school yesterday and declared tomorrow is a holiday. So, I knew, I will get one too.

The ethical question is, do I need a day off since I am not going to throw my vote? I am not a a registered voter in Manik Urai.

Well, let us put the ethical question to rest and enjoy the rest of the holiday….

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