George Soros on Bin Laden

As a proponent of radical fallibility, I am reluctant to ascribe too much foresight to anyone, yet in retrospect I can discern the vague outlines of an imaginary master plan conceived by an evil genius called Bin Laden. From his perspective our civilization is degenerate. It is rich and powerful but devoid of true faith. It needs to be destroyed for the faith to prevail. The only way to destroy it is by exploiting its weakness: the fear of death. It will destroy to a terrorist attack by lashing out against an unseen enemy. Since the perpetrators remain invisible, the instinctive reaction will claim innocent victims. The victims will be Muslim, and Islam will be radicalized, provoking a general confrontation between Islam and the west. Although the West enjoys material superiority, Islam will prevail because it has a major competitive advantage. It is not afraid of death”

The Bubble of American Supremacy

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