Superb Memory

I remember telling my 10-year old kid about how to remember object. First I told her to remember “house”, “car”. “egg”. “dog” and “helicopter”. She admitted impossible for her to remember.

First and foremost, I told her to visualize a ‘car’ rammed into a ‘house’, went straight to the kitchen and smashed on ‘eggs’, splashed all over the kitchen. Then the ‘dog’ outside the house barked loudly and the police came on ‘helicopter’.

The next morning, I tested her memory. Obviously, she could just uttered in seconds. One month later in one fine afternoon, I asked her to repeat five objects that I told her earlier. She was delighted to tell me the remnants of her memorized materials. To her surprise, she can still remember the 5 objects she was told to remember.

So I affirmed her that she is having a superb memory and I am proud of her. Of course, how much she is going to practice what she has learned is yet to be seen…

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