Are You A Critical Reader?

Do you:

1. Read carefully, either with or without skimming first?
2. “Talk back” to what you are reading, noting what does or doesn’t make sense, what seems right or wrong?
3. Ask questions as you read?
4. Take notes in the margins or on the separate sheet of paper?
5. Ask yourself why the writer takes the position he or she does?
6. Think about the writer’s perspective – what his or her interests are in writing the piece?
7. Ask what larger social, economic, political or other conditions may have influenced the creatoin of this piece of writing?
8. Consider what in your experience and background leads you to agree with or like, or disagree with or dislike, the piece of writing?
9. Imagine other ways of looking at the subjects or ideas presented?
10. Summarize the gist of what you have read?
11. Compare what you’ve reading with other things you have read about the subject?

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