The New Media

I am neither a media specialist nor a language expert. But I do observe the emergence of internet as a powerful tool which influence public opinion since the 12th general election. The fact was confirmed by leaders in the ruling elite.

Not all people who write in the new media seek political position. Some write just to express their opinions irrespective of whether they will be heard or not. Others may just read for a group of friends in order to share on their subject of interest.

This is a blessing in the era of globalization. We are living in the border-less world. However, like it or not, internet usage has to be limited as freedom does not permit someone to disobey norms and regulations, disrupt public orders and impose threat to security of the country.

I believe that academicians must write in order to capture their thought like artists need to draw in order to visualize their visual images on canvas. Hence, blog in the new media provides opportunity for writers to pen ideas down for the benefit of others.

Internet publication empowers self-regulation and self-dependence. One has to become a writer, editor, proof reader and publisher. Unlike traditional media, a writer has to depend on the editor to approve content fits for publication. Internet publication cuts significant amount of time, money and energy.

And finally, the good news is now everyone can publish!

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