A Tazkirah

My good friend presented me with a free pamphlet entitled, ‘Facing Death: A Testimony of A Muslim Stricken with Metastatic Cancer’ after I was told that another good friend was diagnosed to have secondaries.

The author argued that while ‘fighting with cancer’ is a misnomer, the correct attitude is redha (the true acceptance of one’s fate based upon the Muslim’s faith as decided by Allah SNT). Let Allah decide whether to heal or to take away one life after ikhtiar (commitment of trying hard to cure the illness).

Then he went on by describing how he prepared for his demise.

First and foremost, was preparation for Wasiyyah (Will), transfer of savings to those who will look after the children, spiritual counseling to those who will receive bad news.

Second was the spiritual preparation which involve deliberation on the teaching of Quran, execution on other ibadah, charity (sadaqah jariah) and dissemination of beneficial knowledge to others.

Finally, he adviced people not to feel despair over any ‘musibah’, to adopt to ‘redza and and tawakkal’ attitude and never stop reading and studying Quran.

Al-Fatihah, to a friend who had passed away peacefully at his home on 27th November 2005 and left behind a clear request to distribute this message after his demise.

May Allah gives His Mercy to his Soul.

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