Jaluluddin ar-Rumi

Jaluluddin ar-Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh, Afghanistan When he was 12, his family left the country to escape the Mongol invasion. His family performed the pilgrimage in Mecca adn finally settled in Konya, Turkey, at that time part of the Seljuk Empire. Konya was the center of learning during Rumi’s time.

Rumi from an early age, studied religious sciences with his father, who is an eminent theological, a great teacher and da’ie (preacher). Rumi also went to Aleppo and Damascus to study with some of the greatest religious minds of the time.

His major works include the Mathnawi, the Koran in Persian and many poetry on subject related to Sufism. He undoubtedly stands out as the supreme genius of Islamic mysticism.

As a philosopher, he is a man of profound insight into the nature of mind including the nature of instincts, the power of reason over instincts, the nature of the self, of consciousness and the unconscious.

So, we have valid reasons to believe that Islamic scientists and academicians must acquire eminent brain, mind and soul to emulate great people from the past for the enlightenment of the future.

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