Basic Desire

Some people believe our deep desires arise automatically. As we satisfy one, we automatically experience another and ask for something else. Nearly everyone of us want power, success, knowledge etc. Nearly everybody has desire for those kind of achievement, the exceptions are rare..very rare.

The question is do we consciously choose what we want from life. In another word, is desire predetermined or acquired?

I think we have to agree to the fact that individuals vary in how intense each desire is experienced. Perhaps the individual differences in desire partially reflect genetic variations across individuals. For example some people are born with a strong tendencies toward aggression, others are not. Don’t you think, no two people have exactly the same desire?

Well, now, let us look at this scenario. All parents instinctively love their children. But then we do see children perceive the parental love differently. Why? Because parents express their love differently. In this regard the so call, the desire to express their love differently depends on many factors such as culture, learned habit, religious and moral values. These factors are essentially – the acquired factors.

So, finally do you get what I am trying to illustrate – Basic desires are both predetermined and acquired. Your superego must be strong enough to control them. Have you acquire enough skills to control your desire?

You have the answer!

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