Know the problem member

Let me continue some of the discussions on meeting by introducing different types of problem members.

1. The Latecomer always come to the meeting late, making a big commotion, stopping the meeting and wanting to be caught up.

2. The Early leaver drains the energy of the meeting by leaving before it it ends. There is nothing worst than continuing the meeting with people slowly drifting out.

3. The Broken-record keeps bringing up the same point over and over again. Use the group memory to remind such members.

4. The Doubting Thomas constantly puts down everything, is always negatives and assumes you are wrog until you proves yourself right.

5. The Dropout sits at the back of the room. does not do anything or he read a book or iPod. He tends to be quite disturbing to the chairperson. You’re trying to run an energetic creative meeting and there he sits yawning or reading the newspapers.

6. The Whisperer is constantly whispering to a neighbour, and can be very irritating. It is difficult to concentrate with people whispering and gigling near you.

7. The Loudmouth talks too much and too loud, dominayes the meeting and is seemingly impossible to shut up.

8. The Attacker launches pesonal attacks on another member or the chairperson.

9. The Interpreter always speak for other people.

10. The Gossiper introduces hearsay and gossip into the meeting.

11. The know-it-all uses credentials, age, legth of service or status to argue point.

12. The Backseat driver keeps telling the chairperson what he should be doing.

13. The Interrupter starts talking before others are finished. Often he does not mean to be rude but becomes impatient and overly excited

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