Children’s Expression

Drawing is no doubt, a way of expression for children. Children search complexity through drawing. They communicate to the world through drawing. But, unfortunately, adults used to have an idea that children communicate through speech only. Adults often missed visual expression in the form of children drawing. Most of the time, everything that is seen can be translated into visual form.

What do we study when looking at drawings created by children?

1. Pattern
For instance, when there is a problem with the father, the child will put him at different position far away from the rest of family members. Do not forget the fact that boundaries, fences and spaces provide the way of describing differences among patterns especially the relationship patterns in the family.

2. Sequence
Child’s sequence is indeed a guide to the development of his/her strategy; where to start and where to end the drawing.

3. See how equivalents develop
For example, see how children draw a 4-legged creatures with equivalent in the number and position of the legs .

In conclusion, study on drawing by children should invoke a strong sense of respect for inventiveness and creativity.

Do we, adults learn much from them?

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