Null Hypothesis

What is more dangerous than the idea that parents have no control over their children. Parents do not shape their child’s action, thought and emotion.

There are numerous studies which proved otherwise. But is it wrong to assume some ideas from square one? The answer is, of course, not. To prove a hypothesis right, one needs to develop the idea of no association or better known as null hypothesis.

The null hypothesis assumes that any kind of difference or significance you see in a set of data is due to chance. If you used to assume that parents always have control over their children; then you should nullify the association in order to prove it correct. The idea of zero parental influence is indeed a null hypothesis. It is up to researchers to prove it, right or wrong.

How to show parents have no control over their children when everyone believe it is not!

Let us look at this angle. When everyone believe children need constant control, parents are in constant vigilance. That is why parents used to behave like policemen and policewomen. Children on the other hand, behave like criminals. That is why, by and large, children are not happy, have no confidence and low self-esteem. When children develop mental health problems, no policemen can control them. Parents who act like policemen now have to bring them to see child mental health specialists.

Watch out, cases are on the rise. Switch on your tv set, bully and child abuse cases were reported every now and then. Check children behaviors in YouTube. You will be shocked to death.

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