Why do human being craze for power?

The answer lies to the fact that power creates feeling of mastery and competence. The individual who craze for power believes, only the strong shall thrives, the weak shall perish and only the fit survive.

Unconsciously, some of us believe the reason to be a doctor is because doctors have power over people health (read: life). These people believe that to fulfill the need for power is through achievement. Becoming a doctor is a great achievement especially for a young boy from a remote village in a rural mainland of Malaysia!

As many of us are well aware of, becoming a leader is another way of satisfying the need for power. Powerful people like to be in-charge of his/her environment. Powerful people often are described as authoritarian, domineering, autocratic, manipulative and exploitative. They are the boss. They tell people what to do and how it should be done. They dominate conversation. They want to be the centre of attraction.

I strongly believe one need to strike a balance when it come to acquisition of power. Otherwise one would create imbalance personality. Take for example, one who have a lot of power at work, over-controlling his staff, dominant in making decisions but at home he might behave submissively facing his dominant wife and defiant children.

Human being cannot act powerfully 24/7 because one need to relax and reflect. Relax and reflect create a balance personality.

Each of us is an individual in term of how much power we seek and how often we ‘relax and reflect’ for balancing purposes.


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