Brain and Mind Matter

When I studied psychiatry, I was fascinated by the brain. In fact, it is the mind that fascinated me the most.  Actually, the brain is just a piece of matter, an organ that, when unanimated, cannot think, feel, act, or behave. The brain needs animation. It is the mind that animated the brain. I believe the mind  bring about intelligence and emotion.

The mind is the operator of the brain.

Anatomically, the brain consists of some 100 billion neurons. The neocortex (the home of our conscious awareness) alone has more than 40,000 to 50,000 nerves cells. The diverse combination of of these billions of neurons linked together and make up a network.

Then come consciousness.  It can be divided into subjective and objective consciousness. Subjective consciousness enable us to express ourselves as a thinking self whereas objective consciousness is the system that run automatic controlling every second on a cellular level of the brain, of which we are not consciously aware.

Mind you, here, I am not talking as a psychodynamic psychotherapist but as a biological psychologist and psychiatrist.

Mind is the product of consciousness embroidered upon the physical structure of cells and neurons. The subjective and objective consciousness create conscious awareness of our actions, thoughts and behaviours. The ability to self-reflect and self-contemplate define our subjective experience of self.

Mind, therefore, perhaps more of a self-conceptual and self-perceiving in nature. It is therefore what we refer to as the self: the “you”.


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